Rawlings Foundation General Operations

Robert Hoag Rawlings
Robert Hoag Rawlings

Robert H. Rawlings was born in Pueblo Colorado, in 1924, the son of John and Dorothy Hoag Rawlings.

He was reared in Las Animas and graduated from Bent County High School in 1942. Rawlings graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1947 from Colorado College. He was in the United States Navy from December 1942 to July 1946 serving in the South Pacific. Rawlings started as a reporter for The Pueblo Chieftain and Star-Journal in 1947. In 1951 he became an advertising salesman; in 1962 he was named General Manager and in January of 1980 he was appointed Publisher and Editor; in 1984 he was elected president of The Star-Journal Publishing Corporation. He passed away in spring 2017 as chairman and editor of The Pueblo Chieftain. The Pueblo Chieftain is the oldest daily newspaper in Colorado. The circulation area of The Pueblo Chieftain comprises approximately 25,000 square miles in Southeastern Colorado, from Kansas Border to the Continental Divide, and from Pueblo South to the New Mexico Border.


Each request will be reviewed within the framework of the Foundation’s philosophy. The following factors will influence the committee’s decisions:

  • whether the program addresses a Foundation priority
  • the program’s impact on the community and evidence of reasonable participation by individuals
  • possible duplication or overlap with other programs
  • effectiveness of the organization’s structure and management, recognizing a dynamic and not a static organization
  • evidence of the organization’s financial stability and achievement
  • evidence of community support and funding
  • existence of government or other community funding
  • evidence of fiscal effectiveness demonstrated by administrative costs as compared to total budgeting


In general, the Foundation will not consider requests that have the following characteristics:

  • programs that do not benefit people in the counties referred to in The Pueblo Chieftain’s 18 county service area
  • direct grants to individuals
  • political organizations, campaigns, or candidates for political office
  • efforts directed towards influencing legislation at any governmental level
  • sectarian or religious organizations whose services are directed to its members
  • veteran or labor organizations, fraternal associations, social clubs, and similar associations
  • foundations which are themselves grant-making bodies
  • advertising, raffle tickets, or merchandise to be used as favors, door prizes, or to be sold for fund-raising
  • trips, travel, or cultural exchange tours
  • conferences, seminars, or publication of books, magazines, or films
  • national health agencies concerned with specific diseases or health issues, unless fund-raising proceeds are directly used in the Foundation’s service area

Foundation Directors

Jane Rawlings
Vice President
John Rawlings
Robert H. Rawlings, Jr.
Carolyn Temple
Bob D. Wertz
David L. Cardinal
David Shaw

In Memoriam, 2017
Robert H. Rawlings
In Memoriam, 2013
Mary Graham Rawlings
Bernard O. Schmidt