Rawlings Foundation Grant Requests

The Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation meets semi-annually, generally a fall and spring meeting. All requests should be for projects which do not need to be completed in a relatively short period of time as the meetings change slightly from year to year. 

Upcoming Grant Request Deadlines

Fall 2020: September 15 (Applications Open August 1, 2020)
Spring 2021: March 10


Please do not apply if your request fits any of the following restrictions.

  • The Rawlings Foundation does not fund salaries or general operating expenses.
  • Direct grants to individuals
  • Political organizations, campaigns, or candidates for political office
  • Efforts directed towards influencing legislation at any governmental level
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are directed to its members
  • Veteran or labor organizations which are themselves grant-making bodies
  • Advertising raffle tickets, or merchandise to be used as favors, door prizes, or to be sold for fundraising
  • Trips, travel or cultural exchange tours
  • Conferences, seminars, or publications of book, magazines, or films
  • National health agencies concerned with specific diseases or health issues unless fundraising proceeds are directly used in the Foundations’ service area
  • Sponsorships and/or the purchasing of tables or tickets for events or activities
  • Applications requesting funds to support the same initiative will only be accepted for review every other year. Repeat annual requests will not be accepted.
  • Programs that do not benefit people in the 18 counties in our service area.


Please consider the following questions as you apply for a grant:

  • Does your program have an impact on the community?
  • Does it duplicate or overlap with other programs?
  • Is your organization financially stable, and name some achievements?
  • Do you have government or other community funding?
  • Does your organization have reasonable administrative costs as compared to total budgeting?


Applications CLOSED until August 1, 2020.