Grant Reports

Final Report Guidelines

Grantees must complete a final report as a condition of their grant agreement.  The following information is requested by the Foundation to help us document the activities and outcomes of your grant. Please see below for final report guidelines.  Reports are due within 30 days after the completion of the grant project/program or no later than one year from your grant award date.  Should you have any questions, please contact Andrea Aragon, Executive Director at or 719-544-2566.  

Please use the forms below to submit your grant reports.

Awards of $10,000 and Below

Please submit a brief but informative letter (one to two pages) that includes the following information:

  1. How specific grant dollars were spent and what goals you were able to accomplish as a result.
  2. How many people were impacted and how they were impacted.
  3. Any lessons learned from the project/program funded.
  4. Short success story or quote that illustrates the impact of the grant.
  5. JPEG photo that provides a visual of the impact of the grant (clients, products, event, completed projects, etc.).

Awards over $10,000

Please complete the narrative questions below including a financial report.  If any component is not appropriate for your situation, please indicate as such.


  1. Please refer to your proposal funded by the RHR Foundation and the planned use for grant funds.  Describe the progress made towards accomplishing your plans.  Did you achieve what you set out to do?
  2. Was it necessary to make any changes in the proposed project/program? Please explain any modifications to the proposal. Have actual costs been consistent with estimates?  If not, what were the reasons for significant variations?
  3. Please tell us how many lives were/will be affected by this grant.  Please provide any data or other evidence for how this grant and project has impacted your community and the people you serve.
  4. Please describe any significant challenges and/or accomplishments encountered during your work on this project as well as any lessons learned.
  5. What other organizations/coalitions did you work with to initiate and implement this project?  Were you able to leverage additional funding as a result of the RHR grant?
  6. If applicable, please share a success story or anecdote that helps illustrate the impact of the grant.
  7. Please share a JPEG photo that provides a visual of the impact of the grant (clients, event, products, completed projects, etc.)


Please provide projected versus actual expenditures to date. Describe any budget changes or other financial adaptations required by any unforeseen situations.

By submitting photos, stories, quotes, you grant the RHR Foundation permission to use in publications, news releases, online and in other communications related to our mission.

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