Grant Requests

Summer/Fall 2023 Grant Cycle Opens July 6

Grant Inquiry Deadline:  September 1 by 5 p.m.
Prior to applying, please submit a simple email of intent to apply.  

Full Grant Application Deadline September 11 by 5 p.m.
Funding for approved grants will be awarded in late October



Grants will only be made to organizations that are exempt from tax under Section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will not be made directly to individuals. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting programs and community-based projects that:

  • Assist communities to provide improvements toward the betterment of the lives of their citizens;
  • Help alleviate cycles of illiteracy, poverty and government dependency;
  • Assist young people to broaden their horizons by exposing them to educational opportunities that they may otherwise not have the ability to enjoy.

General Policy

This Foundation generally will not make grants for the purpose of paying salaries for persons administering programs. Grants for the acquisition maintenance of equipment or for other capital needs are preferable. Preference will be given to organizations that have been established for more than three years and can demonstrate experience with successful programs, rather than providing seed money for new organizations or new projects.


Each request will be reviewed within the framework of the Foundation’s philosophy.  The following factors will influence the committee’s decisions:

  • Whether the program addresses a Foundation priority;
  • The program’s impact on the community and evidence of reasonable participation by individuals;
  • Possible duplication or overlap with other programs;
  • Effectiveness of the organization’s structure and management, recognizing a dynamic and not a static organization;
  • Evidence of the organization’s financial stability and achievement;
  • Evidence of government or other community funding;
  • Evidence of fiscal effectiveness demonstrated by administrative costs as compared to total budgeting.


In general, the Foundation will not consider request that have the following characteristics:

  • Programs that do not benefit people in our 18 county service area;
  • Direct grants to individuals;
  • Political organizations, campaigns, or candidates for political office;
  • Efforts directed towards influencing legislation at any governmental level;
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are directed to its members;
  • Veteran or labor organizations, fraternal associations, social clubs and similar associations;
  • Foundations which are themselves grant-making bodies;
  • Advertising, raffle tickets or merchandise to be used as favors, door prizes or to be sold for fundraising; table sponsorships or event tickets
  • Trips, travel, or cultural exchange tours;
  • Conferences, seminars, or publication of books, magazines or films;
  • National health agencies concerned with specific diseases or health issues, unless fundraising proceeds are directly used in the Foundation’s service area;
  • Repeat annual requests for the same project/program will not be accepted.  Requests to support the same initiative will only be accepted for review every other year unless written permission is granted in advance.

How to apply in Colorado:

  • Step 1: Prior to submitting a formal grant request to the RHR Foundation, please submit a Grant Intent Request Form.
  • Step 2: Once we receive your Grant Intent Request, we will let you know whether your request is a potential fit for a formal request.  Once approved, you may continue to submit a grant application. Please do not submit a grant application until you receive approval on your Grant Intent Request.
  • Step 3: After you submit your Grant Request Application, you will receive an email confirmation. Please save for your records. Your request will be reviewed by our grant committee, who may reach out for additional information.
  • Step 4: Following our review of your application, we will contact you to let you know the status of your application.
  • Step 5: Grantees must complete a final report as a condition of their grant agreement. Reports are due within 30 days after the completion of the grant project/program or no later than one year from your grant award date and may be submitted via our Grant Reports form.

Request Application

Please submit your grant intent request before submitting a full grant request application. The Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation meets semi-annually, generally a spring and fall meeting.  All requests should be for projects which need not be completed in a relatively short period of time. 

All requests should be concise and simply phrased. Requests should be for a specific sum which can be defended in relationship to the project for which the funds are to be used.  A request should contain the following:

  1. Brief statement of the organization’s mission
  2. Very brief summary of request. State in 10 words or less what you are requesting funds for. For example: renovation of community kitchen for seniors; operating funds for youth after-school programs; museum exhibit showcasing pioneers of SE Coloradoans, etc.
  3. Purpose of grant request, planned use of funds
  4. # of People impacted by request and how they will be impacted
  5. Organization’s achievements
  6. Sources of other funding
  7. Program Budget
  8. A copy of the organizations’ most recent financial statement and audit if available;
  9. A copy of the IRS qualification letter
  10. List of the board of Directors or trustees, officers and their affiliations.
  11. Name, title and qualifications of key personnel
  12. Photo or visual graphic representing grant request, project or people impacted.




Jane Rawlings

Vice President
Robert H. Rawlings, Jr.

Carolyn Temple

Andrew Trainor
David L. Cardinal
Michael Gonzales
Jim Hadley
Rick Klein
Paulette Stuart

Executive Director
Andrea Aragon

Emeritus Directors
Robert Hoag Rawlings (Deceased)
Mary (Sandy) Graham Rawlings (Deceased)
Bernard O. Schmidt (Deceased)
The mission of the Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation is to assist nonprofit organizations with projects that are designed to improve the lives of people who reside in The Pueblo Chieftain circulation area, which are Pueblo, Mineral, Chaffee, Saguache, Rio Grande, Conejos, Fremont, Custer, Alamosa, Costilla, Huerfano, Las Animas, Crowley, Otero, Kiowa, Ben, Prowers and Baca counties, all in Colorado.

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